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Monday, July 1, 2013

Home again

Good morning my dear friends!
No cards today, a quick post today to say hello.

Just got home last night from our 2-week vacation.
We are totally exhausted from the plane rides- 22-hour journey 
from Amsterdam through London Heathrow, and Calgary Canada.
It's lovely to go away but it feels really good to be home again. 

I was hoping I would be able to squeeze in some crafting time.
But fat chance, my hubby was such a slave driver, I was dead tired 
when we get back to the hotel each day. I only managed to
color 2 images in the first 2 days of our trip.

We spent the first 10 days visiting Windsor, London and Cornwall in England;
hopped over to Amsterdam for 4 days before we headed home.
I have never been to southern England before,
 I really enjoyed the countryside and rugged coastal scenery. 

We took many photos but most of them have not been 
downloaded yet. I will post more photos in the next while.
The following 3 photos were taken in Cornwall.

I thought it looked rather unusual the way the center of this 
Morning Glory caught the sunlight.

Saint Michael's Mount - 
a medieval church and castle on a rocky island from the 12th century.

The Lizard -
the most southerly point of mainland England.

I want to thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. 
I will try to catch up reading your blogs in the next few days.
Have a wonderful week!!!



May said...

Hi Katie, It's always nice to return home... so Glad you enjoyed your trip to Britain...Last year we went to Calgary.. it was fabulous...Have a great week getting back to normal... Hugs May x x x

cebelica said...

Oh, you were in Europe? How nice! if you ever get to this part of the world again, you might want to visit Slovenia too. *hint, hint* ;) And if you do, be sure to let me know, ok? ;) He he.
I know it's a long drive, but at least you got to see several different places, which is good. I'm glad you enjoyed the scenery in England. :)
Hugs! xx