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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Minion Slippers

Hello Friends!

Last year, I decided to learn crocheting and knitting.
I enjoy the portability of knitting and crocheting, it certainly filled many time gaps 
while waiting for mom's cancer treatments in the hospital. 

I have made so many pairs of crocheted Minion slippers. I have lost counts.
They are a big hit among friends and co-workers.

Here are some pics of my crocheted Minion slippers

Yarn ~ Bernat Handicrafter Cotton
Crochet Hook ~ Metric 4.25mm or USA G hook
I have found some free patterns in Drops Designs and
modify the pattern for my slippers.

I hand sewed felt fabric to the slipper soles and applied clear bathroom silicon
so they are not slippery on smooth surfaces.

Hope this inspires you to make some cute Minion slippers.

Thanks for looking.


1 comment:

Alexandra♥ said...

Of course these slippers would be a hit! I wouldn't mind getting a pair either :) They look gorgeous Katie, I don't have any doubt that any of your colleagues and friends, who got them, would cherish them for along time.